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Health is the most precious wealth. We were all reminded of this old golden saying during this pandemic period. People who were as fit as a fiddle also become vulnerable to several infections. The main reason behind this was lack of timely diagnosis and treatment. Most of the people hesitated to go out to a laboratory and do tests. Social distancing became our priority and for the safety of one self and family members, people avoided physically going for tests. That is when people understood the importance and convenience of lab test at home.

Lab tests are significant as they help to determine a diagnosis, plan a treatment, check the progress of the treatment and monitor the stage of a disease over a period of time.

Neogencare provides the most safe and reliable methods of Lab tests at home in Trivandrum & Kochi. The trademark of Neogencare’s lab tests is that it is hassle-free, the most hygienic service, cost effective and assures accurate results. 

The basic lab tests done by our team are:


Neogencare, home medical test agency in Trivandrum promises accurate outcomes and assures reliable tests through technologically advanced equipments. Old age people, working people, pregnant women and post-delivery, children who are ill, people with several disease conditions have to frequently go for tests. Physically going to a lab is not always possible. In such cases, lab home test serves as a convenient and approachable solution. Here, accuracy and hygiene is a concern. Neogen Care lab home service are proven to be precision and hence most individuals confidently opt for Neogen Care lab home visit. We are best skilled nursing services at home in Trivandrum & Kochi.  

One can avail these services irrespective of their age and disease condition. We are always available for those who undergo regular checkups like people who check their lipid profile or the blood glucose level once in a month. We are just a call away for such individuals. Neogencare technicians promise high quality lab home care at your own time. Neogencare also assures that results are delivered within time and maintain confidentiality.

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