Udhwarthanam (Powder Massage Treatment)

Udwarthanam is a deep tissue Ayurvedic massage that includes the use of herbal powders and medicated oils. The therapy, which consists of upward massage strokes, is recommended as a daily routine for maintaining proper blood circulation and detoxification.

Udwarthanam is a vigorous massage treatment. Various dried herbs are chosen for this therapy based on the illness being treated and the patient’s dosha. The herbs are then finely ground into a powder. This powder is used in the Udwarthanam massage technique. When performing Udwarthanam, the powder is applied and massaged upward. The coarse powder is quite rough and works well to buff the skin. Shirodhara or takradhara are sometimes performed after Udwarthanam. This relaxes the body following the intense therapy. The treatment also encourages lymphatic flow and drainage. The blood circulation is also improved.

The upward motion of Udwarthanam warms the body and dispels ama through sweat. This effect makes it one of the most effective Ayurvedic weight loss treatments. This treatment can also aid in the removal of dead skin cells and the rejuvenation of the entire body. Udwarthanam can be done on a regular basis depending on the patient’s needs and the ayurvedic doctor’s recommendation.


  • Blood pressure and hypertension are reduced.
  • Muscles are strengthened and toned.
  • The body is detoxified.
  • Enhances blood circulation.
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage.
  • Skin is buffed.
  • Removes body odour.
  • Improves joint mobility.
  • Calms the kapha dosha.
  • Aids in the treatment of sciatica.
  • It stimulates the nervous system.
  • Toxins are removed from the skin.
  • Removes excess fat from beneath the skin.
  • Lowers cholesterol.