This is a pain relief Ayurvedic massage therapy using medicinal leaves. This is a unique massage technique in which fresh leaves are mixed with herbal and natural products for a relaxing massage. We ensure that only fresh combinations of leaves are used for effective healing. That’s why we are known for offering the best massage treatment in Trivandrum

Navara Kizhi

This is a special ayurvedic massage which is done using a special variety of rice. This special rice in Ayurveda is known as ‘Shashtika Shali’ which is harvested in just 60 days and solely used for healing. This rice is fused with a medicated decoction and used for giving a warm massage in pain holding areas.


It is an effective Ayurvedic massage technique in Trivandrum. This relaxing therapy is done with a herbal powder specially made with 12 natural herbs. These oil infused herbs are tied in a muslin cloth pod for giving a warm massage.

Abhyanga and Swedhana

A complete head to toe oil massage which rejuvenates every cell of the body. This Ayurvedic massage using essential oils and herbal mixtures promotes good health and longevity. It is the best Ayurvedic treatment for compete nourishment of mind, body and soul.


Nasyam is an effective Ayurvedic treatment for people suffering from Migrane and sinus. Chronic headache and ENT ailments can be cured with this treatment. Herbal oils are administered through the nasal passages.