Mental health problems is a serious issue and many experience mental illness because of the fast-moving lifestyle. In the existing conditions and present state of affairs, mental illness is making way very swifty and adversely affecting personal and professional lives of individuals. Anxiety, depression, stress and mental fatigue are a few mental issues that are bothering individuals. At a personal level, individuals are unable to deal with it. A prolonged suffering has devastating effects and can also be fatal. Tele-counseling is an effective remedy to address the current circumstance.

Tele-counseling is an innovative approach towards helping those who are in a critical situation.

Telephone is the most common available device. Callers use this facility to gain mental health support from an expert on the other side. It is basically a psychotherapy which is conveniently provided on the phone.

At times, physical presence makes it difficult to address the problem. Individuals find it uncomfortable to disclose their identity. Social and Emotional pressure refrains them from addressing their mental illness and they have to unwillingly struggle to find a solution.

Tele-counseling makes it easier for them.

Computers, technology, industrialization and fear of disease accelerated the pace of stress and fatigue. As the situation started to become tough, mental health became a matter of concern. Tele-counseling gained popularity and became the most popular choice of such individuals.


Place convenience

A very common problem with traditional therapies is physical availability. Individuals have to travel and reach on time. Additionally, the waiting hours also increase their anxiety and fatigue. Tele-counseling makes it easier for the caller to consult any counselor irrespective of the distance.

Time convenience

This facility is available round the clock. Individuals can consult a therapist after work, late at night, early in the morning or even after their kids go to school. The results of a therapy are more rewarding when you don’t have anything else running on your mind.

Convenient for individuals with disability

Individuals with disabilities generally have a fragile mental health. They fall prey to mental illness very easily. Commuting to a therapist on a regular basis is extremely inconvenient for them. Tele-counseling is the best way out for such individuals.

Trained experts

The counselor on the other end is a trained expert who will understand your problems and provide effective advice. They are empathetic, non-judgemental and are extremely sensitive towards the problems of the callers. They lend a ear to make a note of all the issues and suggest remedies for strengthening mental health. They design therapy sessions and try to completely eradicate the illness from the root.

Tele-counseling has shown beneficial outcomes. The positive results have brought bright changes in the lives of individuals. Home health service providers like Neogen Care have an entire team of expert counselors with a track record of proven results. We at Neogen Care do maintain privacy to its fullest. Remember, Tele-counseling is absolutely convenient and just a call away.

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