Alzheimer's care at home

With elderly at home, chronic illness management is always a task at hand. Alzheirmers’s disease is a serious neurological condition in India in the current scenario. Taking care of one such near one is a round the clock task and requires absolute attentiveness.

This blog will enlighten you about all the most appropriate plan of action for managing Alzheimer’s at home.

To begin with, let us understand what Alzheimer's is all about.

Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder of the brain which affects the memory and thinking of an individual. The brain gradually loses its capacity to function normally and starts affecting the individual’s capability of doing daily tasks.

So a Person affected by this will have trouble doing everyday things like remembering the way home back, cooking a meal, or switching off lights and fans or gas knobs. They may ask the same questions over and over, get lost easily, lose things or put them in odd places, and find even simple things confusing. This leaves them worried initially and later they start losing their temper. 

Medical science has no cure for Alzheimer’s disease but experts suggest some ways that help us cope up with this kind of mental illness. 

Managing Alzheimer's at home

Understanding the disease and the stage of the patient is a crucial point in managing Alzheimer’s. Timely medication, healthy diet and proper compensation techniques are the best ways to deal with Alzheimer’s at home.

Like we know, Alzheimer’s develops slowly and the patient cannot be admitted to the hospital for treatment. This illness has to be handled at home.

Alzheimer’s is often accompanied by some chronic illness like cardiovascular illness, diabetes or COPD. In such conditions, having a healthcare expert at home can be a strong support. Home healthcare agencies like Neogencare provide an entire team of medical experts, clinicians, therapists, dietitians, psychologists and medical social workers who help the patients and the family members to deal with cognitive changes, mobily, physical health and safety concerns at home. 

Favorable outcomes of opting for home health care
  • Reducing the need for Urgent Visits
  • Through compensation techniques, reducing the risk factors
  • Improved patient and family education
  • Improved Communication With Providers
  • Increasing Adherence To The treatment plan
  • Helping implement a treatment plan created by a medical professional
  • Maintain Physical Capabilities
  • Managing Symptoms—unwanted behaviors,confusion,and sleep issues
  • Support family and caregivers
Home care services required for managing Alzheimer's at home:

Taking care of patients is an extremely challenging responsibility. It is a combination of various therapies and treatment plans. The main aim is to help the patient live an independent life at home and create a free and a safe environment for them.

Speech therapies, occupational therapies and nutrition management also play a key role in managing Alzheimer’s at home.

Added advantage of having an efficient home healthcare expert:
  • Teach Caregiver/Family Communication Strategies
  • Teach Caregiver/FamilyMembers Behavioral Management Strategies
  • Manage light housekeeping necessities for patients
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment
  • Teach caregivers effective ways to bathe, dress and manage daily activities of living
  • Help the family members to handle this challenging situation by managing emotional needs.

This form of Dementia is unfortunately becoming very popular and family members are finding it difficult to manage such patients. Ask for reliable healthcare assistance to ensure safety and mental peace of your family. Early management plans prove to be extremely beneficial. 

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