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Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Patients with high blood sugar will typically experience polyuria (frequent urination). They will become increasingly thirsty (polydipsia) and hungry (polyphagia).


Patients with Type 1 are treated with regular insulin injections, as well as a special diet and exercise. Patients with Type 2 diabetes are usually treated with tablets, exercise and a special diet, but sometimes insulin injections are also required. If diabetes is not adequately controlled, the patient has a significantly higher risk of developing complications. Monitoring and self-care at home requires understanding the disease process and how the patient can manage their Diabetes at home. Diet, medication, and exercise are keys to success. Identifying the signs and symptoms of hyper and hypoglycaemia will help the patient take action and address concerns before there is an urgent need for hospitalization. We are Best Doctor Consultation Services at Home in Trivandrum  | Kochi

Neogencare can help you with

  • Managing the Diabetic disease process at home
  • Reducing the need for ER or Urgent Visits
  • Reducing the risk of episodes of hyper or hypoglycaemia
  • Helping patients manage their glucometer
  • Increasing adherence to the treatment plan, diet, and exercise
  • Medication education
  • Disease process education
  • Recognizing and mitigate fluctuations in blood sugar
  • Lab Draws
  • Wound care
  • Insulin administration

Diabetic care management