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Best Chronic Care Management at home in Trivandrum | Kollam |Kochi

Chronic diseases call for regular hospital visits and constant examinations. Handling reoccurring medical issues is a major concern in the current scenario. Neogencare introduces chronic care programme to help reduce hospital visits, avoid emergencies and improve health conditions. Dedicated and focussed panel of doctors, nurses and technicians work towards improving the quality of life through our vigilantly planned Chronic Care Program. Neogen Home Health is Best Chronic Management Centre at home in trivandrum & Kochi

Care for balancing disorders:

Balance disorders are common in older adult patients and this can lead to falls and injuries. Patients and relatives have to be very alert to avoid such situations. Patients with balance dysfunction require constant care and support. Our skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team help patients through therapies and home health aides. They also educate relatives and caretakers about ways to circumvent falls and manage pain due to injuries. More importantly, they are always accessible to prevent such situations.

Care for cardiac disorders:

Patients suffering from heart disease require constant and consistent observation and care. Neogencare has designed a comprehensive program especially for patients with heart diseases. Our expert team of doctors and nurses are well experienced and equipped to manage critical care too. They aim at speedy recovery and ailment management ensuring a longer and healthier life. They work on treatment, diet, nutrition, exercises and medical care and tests.

Care for diabetic:

Lifestyle disease like Diabetes is treated on the basis of severity. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes demand for patient specific treatment and systematic care and medication on regular basis. Our home health care team designs patient specific plans to handle diabetes. They work towards stabilizing blood sugar levels and try to reduce the outbreak of other diseases due to diabetes through risk management. They encourage and educate the patient and family and stimulate self management of diabetes through lifestyle changes.

Orthopaedic Care:

Orthopaedic care aims at reducing pain and restoring movement. Our comprehensive care team work towards recovery and rehabilitation and intent to restore independent life through therapies and exercises. At Neogencare, we understand that injury and surgeries also causes mental trauma. Our team of clinicians and therapist works towards physical and mental health and encourage the patient to get back to regular activities with ease and comfort.

Palliative Care:

Palliative care at home, is a holistic program that work towards creating an environment at home for supporting those who are suffering from a chronic illness. Our Palliative care team consist of doctors, nurses, therapist, social workers, psychologists and home health aides who work towards healing the patient’s mental stress and try to reduce physical stress. They help the patient lead a normal life through psychological support. Our team works on all aspects to ensure that the patient lives happily with family and relatives.

Care for Pulmonary disorders:

In the Present scenario, lung diseases have seen a rise in no time. Early detection and proper medication can reduce the severity, bring down the cost and prevent emergency circumstances. Our Care for Pulmonary disorders programme is crafted for patients suffering from COPD and Pneumonia. In these cases, patients have to always be vigilant and follow restrictions for leading a regular life. After the course of treatment, patients have to abide by a set of regular care activities to avoid complications. Our team teaches and trains the individual and family various breathing techniques and meditation which brings about lifestyle changes for a healthier life in future.

Care for Skin Injury and wound management:

Injuries and wounds are unannounced and claim for regular dressings and therapies for proper in-time recovery. Our comprehensive care team follows all hygiene protocol and help in recovery at the comfort of home. Visiting hospitals with such patients can be a tedious task and can increase the risk of contracting other diseases due to lower immunity. Neogencare has innovatively planned the Care for Skin Injury and Wound management for ensuring proper care at home and preventing emergency visits and readmissions into hospitals

Highlights of Neogecare Chronic Care Management:

  • Specialised team of doctors, technicians and clinicians
  • Telephonic assessments
  • Online consultations
  • Providing quality equipments for health care at home
  • Systematic records of complete health history
  • Available round the clock
  • Patient specific treatment plans
  • Home therapies
  • Education on lifestyle changes for overall health of family

Chronic Care Management