Vamana(Medicated Vomiting Therapy)

“Vamana” is one of the panchakarma procedures. Vamana, also known as therapeutic vomiting or emesis, is a procedure in which toxins are eliminated via the upper route. As a purifying or detoxifying therapy, toxins are expelled through a process of medicated emesis/vomiting.

Vamana is performed in two ways: Sadyo Vamana (instant therapeutic emesis) and Classical Vamana (therapeutic emesis), depending on the condition or severity of the ailment and patient. Sadyo Vamana is a one-day procedure in which the person is forced to drink medicated Kashayams, milk, in order to induce vomiting and expel the doshas and toxins from the system. Classical Vamana is a collaborative effort.

To get the best results from Vamana, it is best to consume certain foods before the ritual, such as milk, urad dal, sweets, and so on, which help to increase Kapha dosha. On the day of Vamana, when Kapha dosha predominates, the treatment is carried out in the early morning hours when the patient is fasting. The process involves forcing the subject to consume medicinal Kashayams, milk, etc., combined with emetic medications or Vamanopaga Dravyas while being closely monitored in order to cause vomiting and eliminate the doshas and toxins from the body. The patient requested relaxation, a light meal, and a warm bath after the treatment.


  • Better metabolism
  • Detoxification
  • The body’s lightness
  • Health for the soul, body, and intellect
  • Encourages health
  • Increased vigour and endurance
  • Better emotional and physical health
  • More flexibility and strength