What Should I Expect From Physiotherapy?

When you are in pain, it can be difficult to determine whether you should see a physiotherapist or your doctor. You may be asking yourself “what can I expect from physiotherapy?”, “can physiotherapy help me?” or “do I need to attend physiotherapy?”. Most conditions that come through their door can be treated by a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists are movement specialists; they can treat any condition or injury that is impairing your ability to move. A physiotherapist can assist people in reducing pain, improving movement, increasing strength, and improving balance and proprioception.

It is critical to comprehend what physiotherapy can do for you. Many people go to physiotherapy expecting to get some sort of “hands on” treatment and for their symptoms to go away quickly. Massage, dry needling, and joint mobilizations or manipulation can provide temporary relief from symptoms, but they do not necessarily solve your problems.

These treatments must be completed in addition to a well-planned, appropriate exercise programme. Indeed, for many conditions, exercises are the primary form of treatment, and your physiotherapist may not need to incorporate any “hands-on” treatment into your rehabilitation plan at all.

A physiotherapist will advise you on activities that aggravate your pain and things to avoid that may aggravate your condition. They will also be able to advise you on how to return to activity or exercise after an injury.

Many people discontinue their physiotherapy treatment before it is completed. Perhaps people are no longer in pain and believe their rehabilitation is complete. When people do not see results as quickly as they would like, they become impatient with their progress.

Physiotherapy benefits

It is critical to maintain regular communication with your physiotherapist regarding your treatment plan; they want the best for you, and you must provide feedback on the effects of treatment as well as discuss any frustrations or concerns you may have.

This will ensure improved progress and outcomes in the future! Regular contact with your physiotherapist and progression of your exercises will solve your problems, not one or two physiotherapy sessions.

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